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    Shifting just 10% of your hydration needs from soda to water will save you over 3000 calories each month.(1)

    H2O-Pal Water Bottle Module

    Lightweight with clean and functional design

    The H2O-Pal hydration tracker is thin device at the base of the bottle. Magnetic and vacuum connections enable a sleek design and easy setup.

    H2O-Pal tracks your bottle completely nonintrusively.
    It doesn't change the way you drink and it never needs to be in contact with water.


    Built as a platform

    H2O-Pal is built on a modular cross-compatible platform that supports many of the most popular as well as some unique water bottles. However, we are certainly proud to provide you with a high quality well designed water bottle through our cooperation with EQUA.


    Battery life over 6 months

    H2O-Pal provides you with a long lasting battery life from a single coincell using efficient algorithms and low energy wireless technology.

    Use It Anywhere

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    H2O-Pal learns your habits and helps you improve

    Track Water Like a Pro

    The H2O-Pal module will automatically keep track of your water bottle so you won't need to worry about manual input. Just use your water bottle and H2O-Pal will figure out the rest.

    Sends a Reminder Only When Needed

    It knows how your day is going and sends you reminders only when your not on track. It gives you smart notifications and reminders only when you need them.

    Simple Manual Input

    Easy and beautiful manual input when necessary. Make a simple swipe on the homescreen button to make a manual log. Your virtual water level indicates your status and it will adjust whenever you make a manual log.


    See your Stats

    You can also check your stats over different periods and see your historic progress. H2O-Pal works best with our hydration tracker but you can use it just as a manual input tracker if that's good enough for you.

    Quantified Self made easy

    Want your raw data? You got it! Export your data and go crazy with your favorite Quantified Self App. When Apple's HealthKit adds support for water intake we'll also provide integration so other developers/apps can access H2O-Pal's data.


    Making drinking water FUN =)

    Stats are nice but can someone show me how well I'm doing and how I can improve? Yes... H2O-Pal also has a dedicated progress screen with Palie, your best friend when it comes to drinking water.

    Palie has four stages you can progress through to develop a great habit of drinking water to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

    You can also collect special achievements and progress through lifetime H2O-Levels.

    (Note: Right now we're still in beta but if you want to be the first to know when we launch and get the exclusive deals, get on our early access email list. Also feel free to say hi by sending something to info@outofgalaxy.com. We read every email and appreciate your feedback.)

    (1) Based on average self-reported male calorie intake from Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 and the caloric value of a well known soda brand (45.8 calories per 100ml).

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